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Create together, Be active together, Learn together.

Let us pause a moment and think what are the ‘Big Little Things’ that we remember most about our childhood? Bang on…our joyful fun times with our parents. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is difficult to spend a lot of time with our children. However, it is necessary to create such memories for them as well, since they strengthen the relationship between the parent and child. Taking them to movies or eating ice cream together are no doubt pleasurable activities, but they are passive activities.

Take a moment and think, how often are you going to do this? Research shows that it is important to introduce pre-schoolers to a new experience every day, however small that experience maybe. When we experience something new, our senses are heightened, our adrenalin is active, and our awareness is keen. Scientifically, all these biological factors actually work to imprint these memories deep into our subconscious.

We have some fun and exciting games for the entire family which have been developed after a lot of research. These games help you connect and bond with each other in a fun way, each playing session is less than 30 minutes, sounds awesome isn’t it !!!! At the end of the day what do children want to hear, “Come let’s play!!!!!”, our games make it possible without too much of an effort.

Hope you enjoy.

Ankita & Chetna

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